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Food Distribution Companies


The Role Food Distribution Companies Play in Food Manufacturing

Food distribution companies play an important role in the food manufacturing business. Just as the name suggests, distributors are companies that provide other industries with the items they need. Food distributors could provide food to companies that manufacture packaged food products, as well as to restaurants and hotels that prepare meals. A food distributor will spend time getting to know local growers in order to provide customers with the best possible food available. In addition to providing companies with produce products, distributors will also provide them with meat, seafood, poultry and herbs.

Internet Distribution

There are some food distribution companies who offer their services online. The ability to create partnerships through the Internet significantly increases the number of contacts a distribution company has. These companies deal in large quantities or bulk amounts of food, so making numerous contacts for the purpose of distribution is an extremely important step toward establishing new partnerships. An Internet website will be the first line of contact for any potential clients. The site will provide them with information about the distribution company, and the quality of the products they provide. Some food distribution companies might make an offer of goodwill to supply a potentially new client with a sample of their goods.

Food Products for Manufacturing

Companies that manufacture packaged food products such as cookies, pasta or even frozen entrees, need to obtain their ingredients from distributors. Usually a food manufacturer will create a contract with a supplier or distributor, in order to receive the items they need on an ongoing basis. Companies involved in bulk distribution of food will often seek out larger manufacturing companies to partner with, in order to move the large quantities of food they have available. Small business such as local bakeries, could also get their supplies through a large food distribution company.